Lamp Paradise Operation and Instructions:

Lamp Paradise fragrance lamps can only use fragrance made for a catalytic converter, effusion and/or fragrance lamps. It is to be used only for the purpose of home fragrance and according to published use instructions. Use only with catalytic lamp type oil. Do not use with any other type of combustible fuels or liquids.

  • Place catalytic fragrance lamp on flat surface away from all combustible materials above it or next to it.
  • Fragrance Lamp fuel contains alcohol, which can damage furniture finishes. Please use a saucer or plateau under your lamp to protect your furniture from oil spills and heat.
  • Never leave open flame unattended.
  • Do not leave lamp perfuming overnight or for long periods of time.
  • Always blow out flame. Do not extinguish flame with cut off cap.
  • Do not put protective vent cap over open flame.
  • Do not touch stone wick as it is red hot even though you do not see a flame.
  • Always cover the stone with protective vent cap to prevent accidental burns.
  • Protective vent cap and cut off cap will get hot. Please handle caps with care

Precautions Place the catalytic fragrance lamp on flat surface away from all combustible materials above or next to it. Fragrance Lamp fragrance fuel contains alcohol, which may damage furniture finish and create fire hazard. Have a wet cloth available to clean up any oil spills immediately.

Catalytic Fragrance Lamp Operating Instructions

 1. Use funnel to fill lamp half way full with oil. Over filling lamp will cause it to operate improperly.

2. Insert cotton wick into lamp with stone resting in lamp neck.

 3. Cover stone wick with snuffer (solid) cap,.

 4. Allow wick to completely absorb lamp fragrance fuel for 15-20 minutes.

 5. Remove cut off cap and light stone.

 6. Heat stone for 2-3 minutes. Lamp may produce up to a 4” – 6” flame. Flame may slowly reduce to 1”-2”, or extinguish by itself. Do not leave open flame unattended.

 7. Blow out any remaining flame. Do not put protective vent or cut off cap on over open flame.

 8. Place decorative top over heated stone.  Always place the decorative cap on lamp to prevent burns.  The stone becomes very hot and it is imperative you cover it with the decorative cap to avoid a burn. 

The catalytic fragrance lamp is now fragrancing the air although you don’t see a flame. It will not emit fragrance while flame is burning. It will continue to emit fragrance until stone is covered with the "snuffer" cap or fragrance fuel supply is empty.


Extinguishing Your Catalytic Fragrance Lamp

 1. Remove protective vent cap. Caps will get hot so be careful when handling or setting on furniture.

 2. Cover stone with cut off cap.

 3. Replace decorative top with the snuffer.

Wick Care and Maintenance

We recommend keeping several spare wicks on hand and using the following process for storage and cleaning. You will need:

  • A small glass or plastic storage container with an airtight lid.
  • 91% isopropyl alcohol (70% won't work), check your local drug stores.

Store your spare wicks in the plastic container with enough or alcohol to cover the stones completely. They will be saturated and ready to light the next time you use your lamp. Rotate the wick in your lamp each time you use it. Replace the alcohol as necessary, when it becomes discolored. For stubborn or clogged wicks, allow to soak at least overnight before using. If you are not using your lamp on a regular basis, if the fragranced fuel sits in the lamp for over a week, your wick may need the above soaking instructions.


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